Pumpkin Carving for Chicago & Burbs  

2016 season

We have one nice pumpkin growing currently.  This seed comes from the largest pumpkin grown in Illinois at 2145lbs and was pollenated from the 2230lbs largest pumpkin ever grown in the US.

This pumpkin as of July 21st is gaining over 20lbs each day. 

As of July 23rd the weight is 600lbs.  We have had a couple days of 40lb growth.

Looks like my 11 year old daughter may have a giant growing too!

August 7  This pumpkin is now est at 1000 lbs.  The pumpkin weigh off is set for September 24th at seigels pumpkin patch in Homer glenn.  Still over a month to grow.. 

August 30th UPDATE   Now est to weigh about 1400 pounds.  this is hundreds of pounds larger than our 1087 pound personal best size a couple years ago!!  The growth has slowed but the goal is 1500 pounds by weigh off time......


September 24 weigh off at Seigels cottonwood farms in Lockport.  Our pumpkin competed for heaviest weight from Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan,and even as far as PA.  Our weight is 1861 Pounds!!!  That earns a first place title!  The pumpkin stays at Seigels pumpkin patch now as the biggest pumpkin grown in Illinios this season. 

First Place
Heaviest weight Pumpkin
Illinois 2016
                                                                  1861   pounds           *click picture for video*